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A subtle yet important detail, choosing the perfect luxury door handles for your interior design or architecture project is essential when aiming to create a seamless aesthetic. In fact, these smaller components are often the missing piece to the puzzle and, with the right architectural door handles in place, it will transform an interior.

Finding a door handle to sit well within the overall design scheme of your project has the ability to tie together all the elements of your design. Something as simple as the right finish can enhance and highlight the entire room, and it’s important to consider a supplier that can cater to those needs.

Thankfully, as a leading supplier of door handles in London, Strada offers one of the widest range of finishes for ironmongery.

Without proper consideration of the mechanical products that must go alongside your door handles, such as locks, hinges, and latches, can become a drain on your budget. With this in mind, it is essential that your budget is ultimately determined by the technicality of the design, product base material, and any special features incorporated into the design.

There are two main types of door handles, and each offers up their own set of benefits and considerations in order for you to choose what is best for your project.


Pull Handles

As you would expect, a pull door handle is often attached to a door that simply requires a pull or pushing motion to open. Typically, pull handles cover a larger area, which helps to spread the weight of a heavier door when opening and makes it feel like more of an effortless motion.

When considering a luxury door handle you should evaluate the type of project you are working on. Pull handles are often used for commercial projects because doors in these buildings are opened and closed frequently. This is made easier with a door that simply requires a push or a pull. Having said that, we also offer many stylish designs and luxury door handle finishes that would be suited to both internal and external applications for domestic projects.

You must review how user-friendly certain designs are. Some products will look beautiful but Strada always recommends that all handles are sampled prior to order. This helps architects and designers to confirm the client is comfortable with both the look and feel of their product.

Occasionally you may require bespoke door furniture in order to better suit the theme of your project, and the larger sizes of pull handles mean that the right design can be particularly striking. This presents a wonderful opportunity to create something distinct for your project that will give a significant feeling of elegance and opulence.

Strada has a number of ironmongery collections that include pull door handles to suit the needs of all projects. Whether you are looking for something unique or rustic like our Lariat Grip, something sleek and simple like our Guardsman Pull Handle or something elegant and outstanding like our Cavendish Pull Handle, we can deliver the product that meets the needs of your specified design.

As mentioned, the right finish is incredibly important and can make a big difference to the interior of a property. Some of our pull door handles are available in up to 36 finishes. Although, if you require more customisation and a bespoke look then our talented design team are on hand to assist.

Victory House Hotel in London provides a great example of our architectural door handles. Not only did we supply decorative pull handles in specialist weather-resistant PVD for communal areas, but bespoke handles were also designed for the main entrance in order to complete the cohesive and highly stylish theme of the property.


Bespoke Door Handles


Lever Handles

If pull handles aren’t right for your project then lever handles could be the solution. As the name implies, these handles utilise a lever motion to open the door. Despite being far more common in domestic interiors, they have just as much of a place in commercial environments.

As with any door furniture or architectural ironmongery, there are a number of considerations to take into account to ensure that these products are not only suited to the decor and aesthetic of your project but can also be supplied within the desired time frame.

Offering quick turn around times on our luxury door furniture, you can enjoy peace of mind that all door handles will be supplied within the agreed time frame when working with Strada. With an extensive range of finishes and styles available, we can meet the needs of most designs – and if you require bespoke designs or finishes our design team has the skill and experience to bring your vision to life.

An important factor to be aware of is that at the top end of production, lever handles are not sprung. This means the handle will need to be 100% supported through the strength of the spring mechanism in the lock or latch. At Strada London, we measure the leverage of every single lever handle we produce. This does vary depending on a number of factors that include the length of the handle, the material it is fabricated from, and the size of the section of the handle. We will then fit our locks and latches with the necessary springs to counter the weight of the handles and hold them on the perfect horizontal line.

Matching a theme and the surroundings of an interior is essential in giving a room that crucial last touch, and with beautiful lever handles like our Strada London Kensington Lever,  Boardwalk Lever on Rose, Melbray Lever, and Riffe Lever Lock, there are plenty of versatile options.

Using beautiful ironmongery from the Strada Compton Collection, the supply of a full suite of ironmongery to fit with the art deco theme of this private residence is just one example of the exceptional work of the Strada team. Here you can see just how fluently the right door furniture can blend with the surroundings when chosen properly.


Bespoke Door Handles

When you need something special, eccentric or distinct, and you can’t find exactly what you envisioned for the interior in question, bespoke door handles are the solution. These handles can range from a unique finish to a completely different design altogether and should not be overlooked when trying to choose the ideal luxury door furniture.

Restoration projects in particular often include the need for some bespoke handles and this is where 3D printing and direct casting are used in order to craft additional items that match the look of existing ironmongery.

Further to this, casting can also be done for non-refurbishment projects too. In fact, in 2018 Strada was approached by a client to create a completely unique cast of their hand to be manufactured into bespoke doorknobs, and the same can be done for door handles.

For the supply of all products Strada offers comprehensive scheduling and specification of products bespoke to each project, and this includes creating visual guides, 3D CAD Files and physical samples for sign-off. When dealing with bespoke handles, this becomes even more important in order to ensure that the product we’ve created is what you envisioned for your project.

As an item that will be used and seen frequently, lever handles or pull handles are the best place to put your bespoke touch on a contract. They are not governed by CE or Fire Standards like mechanical products like hinges and locks so there is a lot of scope to be creative.


Bespoke Luxury Ironmongery



Overall, when choosing luxury bespoke and architectural door handles you need to consider what is suited to your project. The time frame, style, and specification of your required door furniture will need to be contemplated and you will need to find a supplier that can handle all of those requirements.

Strada London is an experienced ironmongery supplier in the UK and we have the skills, experience, and knowledge to meet design needs with a strong focus on architectural specification, allowing us to supply high-quality internal and external door handles.


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About the author:

This article was written by Darryl Woodcock, Sales Director at Strada London Ironmongery since 2014.

With comprehensive product knowledge and creative vision, Darryl is an invaluable asset to Strada and continues to secure contracts from larger clients as well as overseeing the R&D department.

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