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Every interior design project has a unique repertoire of challenges. When you embark on a project with nothing short of luxury as the end goal and a promise to your client, it’s hard to imagine that anything less than perfect could be the outcome of all your arduous work. 

Strong themes and cohesion are one of the most important elements of modern interior design. Too many designers and architects neglect the impact that unity can have in creating a seamless style that defines a home not as a selection of rooms but as one unified concept. 

With the importance of cohesion in mind, Strada is under no illusion about how difficult it can be to make every furnishing in a home match. Metal is a very common material for all sorts of furnishings used in a home and although their collaborative nuance may initially seem slight and an afterthought, a bond in their design adds layers to the finish. 

Matching metal finishes across a project is beyond difficult, we hear you sigh. Not with Strada London. Find out below how we can use our unique finish match promise to help achieve full unification for your project.


What is a finish match promise? 

When you’re sourcing products for a project, even the smallest inconsistency in tone or colour can become a glaring mark on the perfect skin of your design. Strada’s finish match promise is a personalised service dedicated to creating a finish on our ironmongery that matches metal finishes already specified for your projects such as switch plates, sockets and metal trims.  

Our finish match promise ensures that we dedicate time and effort to evaluating the qualities of the metal used in your project and specify or create an ironmongery solution in a facsimiled finish. 

The finish on ironmongery and surrounds can say a lot about your finalised design. Brackets and mounting accessories, although a cosmetic addition for covering up ‘ugly’ installation such as sockets and switches, are accentuating furnishings that receive a lot of use. Utilising them as part of a wider part of your design alongside ironmongery is a nuanced way will undoubtedly add flair to your vision.


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The importance of a matching finish

Countless hours are devoted to choosing the exact hue of upholstery, days are spent sourcing the best lighting fixtures to illuminate your design and when you’re paying so much attention to every intricate detail, a matching finish is the only sure way to ensure everything links. 

The finish chosen for ironmongery says a lot about a room. Copper, brass and gold provide warmth to any space. Aluminium, stainless steel and silver impart a cooler but more modernised appearance. An aged wooden finish or an intricate tapestry style leather can give a room a rich antiquated aesthetic. 

Whether it’s a timeless finish or a modern interior inspiration, a matching finish will help to deftly combine all the furnishing elements of your project together. With Strada, you can place the responsibility in our hands to make sure you have more time for making sure your architectural vision becomes a reality and exceeds client standards.  


Types of ironmongery finishes 

Ironmongery is offered in a wide variety of metal finishes with nuances of shade, a range of solid bronze patinas and a choice of leather colours and designs. From the nuanced differences between Brigadier Nickel and Viscount Nickel to the less subtle contrasts between Cavalier Bronze and Conqueror Bronze, these minute differences can impart big style differences when matches with wall finishes and floor coverings. 

Getting the correct ironmongery finish is primarily about maintaining the consistency in your design but as mentioned previously, ironmongery presents a specific feel within a space. 

Ironmongery finishes are also only suitable for exterior use if they have been covered in lacquer or are of pure stainless steel quality to resist environmental impact. 


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What is the cost of ironmongery finishes? 

Costs will vary beneath finishes. Raw material finishes such as Stainless Steel and Standard Brass are less expensive than finishes such as Polished and Satin Nickel but all of these finishes are inexpensive compared to patinated, hand-applied and specialist finishes such as Rustic Bronze and Gold Plates. 

Dependent on the time frame required to create the ironmongery and the material that it requires, costs will be adjusted accordingly and should be budgeted for.


Key considerations when choosing a finish

The key challenge to consider is matching finishes across multiple products and suppliers. Keeping track of all your products and identifying the way they work together can certainly be tricky and coordination of everything can be time-consuming and tiring. This is certainly not aided by the fact that there is not an industry-standard for popular finishes such as bronze and silver so one company’s ‘bronze’ finish can differ greatly from another. 

Finishes should always be chosen based on their aesthetic and functional qualities but sometimes there are certain products that you just can’t resist, even if you know there’s no ironmongery currently in existence that would match it. Strada will evaluate the qualities of your furnishing and create a bespoke product. 

However, it’s not just unfinished projects that our final match promise can assist significantly. When it comes to restoration, the challenges are notably different. 



Getting the right finish on restoration projects

Transforming a restoration project is not just about matching to existing products but is also about rebuilding, maintaining and recreating grandeur. To start this intricate process, we begin with a stripped-back product and establish the raw material. As many restorations feature mature pieces, the raw materials can differ greatly and more time will be devoted to achieving the desired patination. 

When we collaborated with the restoration team on the illustrious Kiddington Estate in Oxfordshire, it was important to make sure our creations were the perfect fit for the prestigious 17th Century property. To complete this task we took direct casts of historic pieces and created additional products from them to ensure continuity throughout the property. 

For this project, we supplied all ironmongery including hinges, mortice and rim locks, all whilst being in sympathy with the era and aesthetic concerns of the Estate. Our main consideration when performing restoration projects is how we can stay true to the original design and feel of the property. 

We will always try our hardest to restore any ironmongery finishes but there are occasions where age and disrepair are so impactive that the desired finished cannot be achieved. However, we will be happy to offer a bespoke new solution or specify similar ironmongery from our collections to satisfy the aesthetic. 


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How to get a matching finish on your ironmongery 

The best way for us to proceed with a finish match project is for you to send us a swatch or piece of metal with the approved finish shown. From there, we will prepare several matching swatches for you to approve. Once approved, we will move forward and create perfect ironmongery for your project and assist you throughout the process. 

By using Strada’s Final Match Promise, you can guarantee you can utilise consistency and flawless design throughout. We are dedicated to quality and integrity is our watchword. We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients on every occasion. 


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About the author:

This article was written by Darryl Woodcock, Sales Director at Strada London Ironmongery since 2014.

With comprehensive product knowledge and creative vision, Darryl is an invaluable asset to Strada and continues to secure contracts from larger clients as well as overseeing the R&D department.

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