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Despite having the ability to completely transform a restoration project, it can be difficult to find high-quality ironmongery that can meet the needs of these complex properties.

One of the many challenges of these projects, and the most important thing to consider when it comes to restorative ironmongery, is making sure your supplier has the ability to recreate the past with new bespoke ironmongery, matching the products with the traditional designs of the property to ensure continuity throughout, whilst also meeting the needs of modern regulations.

Here at Strada London, we’re confident in our ability to do just that. As expert restoration hardware suppliers in the UK, we supply a range of bespoke ironmongery in and around London that consistently meets the needs of each restorative project.


Bespoke Ironmongery


Understanding architectural ironmongery restoration

To ensure that we meet the intricate needs of a refurbishment project we carry out a number of tasks that allow us to exactly match a property’s traditional designs. From ensuring continuity by taking direct casts of existing hardware to detailed site reports – our meticulous attention to detail makes sure we get it right every time.

When it comes to restoring a property with luxury ironmongery, our tremendously talented in-house design team is at the ready to deliver exactly what you need.

We follow a proven design process that starts with creating visual guides using CAD techniques which progresses to creating physical, lifelike samples using 3D printing technology. This allows us to work with you to ensure your requirements and specifications are being met.

Whatever you require, we’re confident we can meet your requirements and we love a challenge. We recently created a completely unique cast of our client’s hand and manufactured a range of bespoke doorknobs from the cast.

In fact, we go one step further by offering a comprehensive range of ironmongery services that see you through from enquiry to project completion.


Strada’s restoration ironmongery projects

We’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of architectural ironmongery restoration projects, one of which being the beautiful Kiddington Estate in London which was even featured on Countryfile!

Built in 1673, it was essential that we perfectly match the historic pieces of this outstanding property to make sure we could recreate the beauty of the original interiors. By taking direct casts of the existing ironmongery, we were able to design, create and supply matching hardware across the property including hinges, mortice locks and more.


Restorative ironmonger -   Kiddington Manor near Woodstock, Oxfordshire UK.


Choosing the right restoration hardware suppliers in London and the UK

Luxury ironmongery is a fantastic investment when it comes to refurbishment projects, with the ability to truly transform a property and send you back into the past. However, it’s incredibly important to ensure you’re working with an experienced restoration hardware supplier.

Knowledge and understanding of the complex needs of these fantastic properties are invaluable and the ability to deliver bespoke design solutions is crucial to meeting the exact specifications required.

Are you working on a restoration project?

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This article was written by Darryl Woodcock, Sales Director at Strada London Ironmongery since 2014.

With comprehensive product knowledge and creative vision, Darryl is an invaluable asset to Strada and continues to secure contracts from larger clients as well as overseeing the R&D department.

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