Art Deco Interior Designed Room
Minimalist Art Deco Interior Design meets sumptuous soft tones, say hello to Soft Deco


The beauty of design is the ability to combine quality ingredients to create something exceptional. In the lavish world of ‘soft deco,’ the understated geometry and refined quality of Art Deco interior design form the perfect accompaniment to the eclectic tones and sumptuous materials, setting the style for luxury interior design over the coming year.

The commanding style of Art Deco comes to life with Strada’s Bourdon Collection
In homage to the decadent Art Deco period which peaked in the 1920s and 30s, Strada presents the beautifully crafted Bourdon Collection. Defined by a clean, geometric design the Bourdon Collection takes reference directly from an era when the combination of simplistic forms and ornate details met with beautifully crafted materials such as marble, crystal glass and deep dark wood to create breath-taking and commanding interiors.

Move forward a century and Art Deco has more of a place in interior design than ever. The shift towards minimal ingredients and maximum quality places this genre of design in the right place at the right time. ‘Refined Glamour’ defines a look in which the accumulation of superior materials, fabrics and finishes set the stage for the introduction of bold, simple forms.

Strada’s Bourdon Collection, a key ingredient in the soft deco formula
With the glamour stage set, attention turns to the key elements that define any room, one of which is of course the ironmongery. The first clue to any interior, it literally opens the door to your interior experience and sits respectfully in the background playing its purposeful role in defining your interior.

Over 40 Art Deco Ironmongery fittings in 36 lavish finishes
Every meticulously crafted piece within Strada’s Bourdon Collection makes a profound statement and establishes a precedent for craftsmanship, quality, and choice in the realm of Art Deco interior design. What’s more, this collection is enriched with an array of 36 diverse finishes, empowering interior designers to push the boundaries of their creativity and infuse a fresh perspective into well-established formulas.

Define your interior with Strada luxury ironmongery
Working hand in hand with designers and architects Strada defines ironmongery standards. Where design, detail and standards are paramount, Strada’s extensive experience in luxury interior fittings are the choice for professionals worldwide. To discuss your project in detail talk to one of our ironmongery experts today on 01959 577342 or email

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